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Age Friendly Program Offers Something for Everyone


Parents, tots and seniors all able to connect and socialize together thanks to inclusive Age Friendly program.

Communication Between First Responders and Medical Clinic Leads to Better Care

“We have filled a lot of gaps that we don’t even realize that we’ve filled, is through the Age Friendly program because when a community becomes age-friendly, it’s age-friendly for everybody. It’s not age specific. It’s not, it was created for a seniors thing, like a theme but really if it’s friendly for a senior, it’s friendly for a mom and her tot, right. So in that regard, I think that we’ve actually increased health because we’ve put benches out for people to be able to walk more, to be able to sit down. So maybe that mom with that little child is going for a walk and they have a place to both sit down where Grandma walking around that same area has that same bench to sit down “[Speaker 1]… “I also feel the age friendly because we’re doing so many of the, you know, like they have the seniors coffee in the morning Tuesdays and Helen does the dinner and all that, so I think it seems to be like a diverse group and not always the same people that are coming to these. And I think that that’s kind of, I know people that don’t go to a lot of stuff but they are going to these, so I think it’s bringing an eye out, someone to kind of oversee and say oh wait this person maybe needs something. Or you know, like I really think that that, people that won’t ask for help but there’s someone there that’s watching. I also think because our community is so flat, we’re very fortunate, we have a lot of seniors on scooters that gets them out a lot. I live at the other end of town and they just go non-stop around.”[Speaker 2]…

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