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Appropriate Ambulance Staffing


A municipality doubled their ambulance staff thanks to attaching time to the service instead of numbers of callouts.

Well-Trained First Responders in CPR

[Regarding] our ambulance service, in terms of callout numbers, for a long time, we were being compared with Chilliwack for whatever reason. Chilliwack had a similar number of ambulance callouts to 100 Mile House. So the staffing for our ambulance facility was the same pretty much as Chilliwack. But what was not realized was it wasn’t numbers of callouts, because if you’re in Chilliwack, you can go somewhere and pick someone up and drop them off in 15 minutes, in Abbotsford, and back, forth, back, forth, back, forth. Here, if we get a callout, we may have to go out to Canim Lake to pick a patient up, that’s two hours back to 100 Mile House, and they have to go to Kamloops, that takes an ambulance crew out of service essentially for the whole day. So recently our staffing for our ambulance facility was virtually doubled…[(Actually more than doubled.)]…Because they began to attach time to the service instead of numbers of callouts. So we’re very happy. We went from two full time to now we have eight full time…[(and another ambulance)]…What it also did, it also helped our callout.

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