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Ashcroft Works With BC Transit, Interior Health and Neighbouring Communites to Make Accessable Transport a Reality


Access to specialist and medical appointments made possible through scuccessful, scheduled BC Transit route traveling from Ashcroft and neighbouring rural communities to Kamloops and back.

One of the things which has, I think, been a success for us has been improved transit. It’s a thing we run in association – like, from the village in association with BC Transit, Cache Creek now who just joined, Clinton – and it’s a service with a few different routes, and one of them – also, we work with Interior Health who finances part of it and it goes back and forth between Kamloops – and it’s well used. And I’ve seen ridership increase. And that sort of a network because the specialists won’t be here. We’d never get them. You know, those networks can ease a lot of access for people. Particularly in the winter. You have to remember the winter driving here gets a bit difficult…so, you know, that has been a success and I think it’s well received…[It was] lot’s of work. We worked with BC Transit as a key – you know, their – and then we had an operator, another company involved which operates in – Yellowhead Transportation. And then there are the participant communities, which meet regularly. And it’s local transit, it’s better transit, where people can call from home and get picked up.

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