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Battling High Blood Pressure


Community hosts outreach events to educate people on blood pressure and heart health in order to battle chronic disease.

I think some of the outreach stuff that we’ve done into community. Part of X’s position is actually a community resourcing position. Eight years ago we had really high chronic disease rates, so we looked at how do we reach 8,000 people and get blood pressure under control. So we started doing outreach. Initially it was every month we’d have a community event, now it’s about four times a year and we’ll put on something to draw the community in. We have the seniors’ fair, recently had a heart health day…And then you’d get about 100 people in, so reaching out into the community and becoming part of them, and working together with Family Place and the alternate schools, the youth centre; just taking our services, rather than keeping them in the ivory tower, and bringing them out to where the people are. That’s really important in a small community.

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