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Building Trust Between Local RCMP and Youth Through the Gym


Unique program offers mentorship through privately shared workout space with the RCMP and youth

Building Trust Between Local RCMP and Youth Through the Gym

The RCMP is…building another piece on to their station and putting a gym in there where they can actually speak, have a child, a youth that’s, you know, in trouble or just maybe going down the wrong path and just maybe needs a little bit more direction and come and work out with the RCMP. So they’re collecting some equipment and stuff like that. [We do not want to do it at the fitness centre] because of privacy. Because there’s kids that will, so they did it years ago here, I don’t know if you remember and it was interesting because they did do it with, like at the high school they would go and work out with the kids. The kids didn’t want anything to do with the RCMP but if it was private, then they, so it was the ones, so it’s the troubled ones that they want. It’s not that they would never go and work out with kids, but if they’re, they’re trying to be a mentor to switch their whole role is to have, you know, you can have a private conversation in a gym when there’s just the two of you, if there’s a whole bunch of you and you’re both standing there running, you’ve got to talk pretty loud and so we’ve changed quite a bit of our crime around, you know, with a lot of work with the RCMP, so it’s a way of trying to integrate. We all grew up knowing the RCMP. You didn’t do anything in this town because they knew your parents, right. So now that they can live wherever they want, two [officers] don’t live in our community. So they don’t get that real close relationship like you do when you live right here. So it’s a way of trying to build that relationship again.

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