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Clustering Nursing Rotation Leads to Recruitment and Retention


Un-filled nursing rotations filled by clustering of shifts, in turn attracting staff from centres outside of Ashcroft.

Community Paramedic Program a Successful Initiative

I feel that the site has to be attractive in order to attract staff, rotations have to be attractive. We did have rotations here for nursing, for example, for emerg – their rotation was scattered, so you only have so many nurses in your community, we’ve hired them all, so there is no way that we are going to hire more Ashcroft nurses for our site. So, you have to start thinking, oh, we’re going to have to hire from Kamloops or the interior or from the coast. We need to start developing our rotations to make it attractive for those nurses to come…You just have to cluster the rotation because before it was, like, Friday, Saturday, and then Tuesday, and then Thursday, and then Sunday, Monday…Nobody’s going to come from the coast or from the interior to work that. They’ll look at that. However, [at the] end of November [2019], I took these rotations and I clustered them – so there’s three days, made them all 0.5s or point whatever, and threw them out there and, we’re full. We are one of the few rural sites that have full staffing now. They are two nurses that came from North Vancouver that applied and, like, want to work here, happy.

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