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Communities Develop Local Broadband Fibre Networks


The community creation of it’s own local broadband fibre network allows access to highspeed internet, creating a better access to care for all.

Communities Develop Local Broadband Fibre Networks

The other thing that we’ve done is – and Prince George is watching us very, very closely – is if you are in Vancouver, Victoria or Kelowna, Shaw and Telus will work with you and provide high speed fibre at a competitive rate structure. If you’re not in those communities, you get what you get, they don’t. So Port Coquitlam was the first to do it in developing a product called Q-Net and that is their own broadband fibre network so we’ve tracked them. Nelson was right behind them and now we have Phase One of our own broadband fibre that the City owns in our downtown core. Telus and Shaw threatened us very strongly and we just said we’re going ahead. Telus still isn’t talking to us but Shaw is back onboard and are partnering. So they see it as an advantage but it’s actually called [Community X] Advantage and what it means for tech and large corporations [is that they] can tie into that and get significant speed at a third of the cost…Shaw has always worked well with us and first they got the local people, then they flew in the guns from Calgary and then the guns from Toronto. We just said hey, this is what we’re doing and once it was done, we’re not taking into their profit, we’re not going into residential, we’re going into a very specific target market and they’ve been great since.

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