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Community Creates Plan to Return Patients to Their Homes, Post Emergency Transport to Urban Centres


Hornby Island creates green wristbands and travel packets for locals needing emergency travel to urban centres, assisting them with needed information and resources to return home safely.

Community Creates Plan to Return Patients to Their Homes

[There are] two [green] envelopes. One is sitting in the filing cabinet at the hospital and then the other is with the patient. The first responders put on the green armband [and they get the] envelope en route to the hospital, and so when they get there, they can open that up and in there is sort of a step-by-step process. [For example] do you have a cell phone or not a cell phone? So, if you don’t have a cell phone, don’t forget to get the assistance of them there or use the payphone – because there’s no payphones anywhere else once you leave the hospital to call these numbers. And here’s the three hotels that we’re working with, call this one first etc. And then it goes into the directions for how to get there, so how to get the taxi voucher, how to get this and that. All the steps are there. And in the morning, what time – the ferry schedule is. We’ve lined up a hotel where the bus goes by, so that they can pop on the bus in the morning. There’s only one bus that goes. So, you have to be on that one bus because there’s only one that goes to Buckley Bay, and then we’ve got volunteers lined up, and again, so they’re calling those people the night before. Or, we’ve even asked if this is too much difficulty for you to call, then ask the assistance of the discharge planner to help you with these things.

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