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Dog Park Brings Community Together and Shows What is Possible With Fundraising


Municipality meets 50/50 fundraising for local dog park, which creates a healthy place that encourages seniors and all community members to be active and expand their social network; a win-win situation for all!

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Dog Park Brings Community Together and Shows What is Possible With Fundraising

So, the volunteer thing, also, is part of the $500,000; we’ve got a volunteer coordinator that we are looking, again, to build that base up leverage and that helps not only with volunteer work and physical fitness, but also connectedness and we’ve got a vibrant arts council and…thing that we’ve, [the] community, [has] really reinforced and we’ve created that programming space for them. There’s a gallery. A lot of that is senior based, but there’s almost an outlet for anything here and we encourage stakeholder groups and the public to suggest ideas to council and those are cooperative ideas, so even something as silly as a dog park, we haven’t had an off-leash dog park. A couple of years ago, someone made the suggestion and, like a lot of things, council will say, well, you know, we can’t afford to just throw money at everything, how about you fundraise and we’ll meet 50/50. So now there’s a functioning dog park that is more popular than I ever though it would be, but it gets people out of their houses, sure they don’t walk necessarily, but they’re outside and they’re dogs are out…And they’re connecting with other people so they’re not sitting there lonely in November. They’re out there…And our dog park, like we’ve had up to 20 people in there at one time, and all of a sudden they’re going, ‘oh, you guys are coming tomorrow?, Tuesday?’, so all of a sudden, just like you said, the guy’s out of the house, he’s getting a schedule, not only is the dog going out, the guy’s getting out.

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