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Filling the Need for Medical Equipment at Home


Local volunteer stores and distributes medical aide devices to those in need.

Program Offers for Seniors Free Workouts to Encourage Movement

[Regarding services in need] So that’s something that we don’t have, that is a huge gap, is we used to have Red Cross equipment that was classified as Red Cross equipment and it was Red Cross, you actually, you went through them and eventually Red Cross let it go and this lady ended up getting involved and taking over more of it and then Hospice had it and because it’s stored in a shed it’s not accessible in the winter time. It’s stored on private property. It’s not stored where there’s running water so there’s no way of actually washing the material coming from somebody’s house. So this way she actually takes the equipment to her house, washes it down and takes it back. It’s another volunteer thing. Now when this lady is gone or done doing this, you don’t have that at all. You don’t have that equipment, even though we only have it six months out of the year, she will actually go and dig her way into the shed if somebody really needed something or she knows that oh, so and so isn’t using their walker anymore because she’s a home care worker also so she knows. She’s a real “in” in the community where she knows that she’s not using her walker but she needs one, so she can say hey, I know somebody that might want to buy your walker, you know, to be able to do that. So it is a huge gap because once she is gone, is somebody going to take on that volunteer role? I doubt it.

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