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First Nations Community Uses a Trauma Informed Lens for Mental Health in Youth


Community works together to fill gap in mental health care resources and address youth mental health and suicide through prevention, education and including a trauma informed lens.

First Nations Community Uses a Trauma Informed Lens for Mental Health in Youth

[Regarding mental health services] So our team is going through a structuring phase so right now we are down to two, myself and our Senior Native Counsellor. [We] used to have a child and youth counsellor as well. That position is going to re-open. At the moment we are providing one to one services [for a] youth-oriented population but as I said we are down to two, but this is going to be rebuilt with the team…we have melted the waitlist so far. And…we are collaborating with [Community X] Health Services as well. They are referring clients to us. So but as far as I know [Community X] Health Services has a huge waitlist. So we are also working with Dr. [X]…the psychiatrist, he is coming here once a month. So we can recommend some clients to get his or her doctor to make a referral to Dr. [X] so that they can meet her here. So we are planning to, at the moment because of our caseloads, we are not able to do community education and workshops…so we are trying to become more prevention oriented so hopefully in the coming one to two years we are going to balance one to one services with prevention. Right now the focus is the youth so we want to address suicide prevention and mental health problem, emotional coping early on. We are working from a trauma informed lens so that’s the core of our work and we want to collaborate more with the other teams but so far other than [Community X] Mental Health Services, we haven’t had the opportunity.

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