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Healthy Community Initiatives Created from Partnership with Health Authority and Municipality


Health Promotion programs brought to life through collaboration and communication with the town and health authority.

Healthy Community Initiatives Created from Partnership with Health Authority and Municipality

So we do try to have regular touch-points with all of the communities…town council is providing updates of what’s new, [and we provide] what’s going on in Interior Health (IH) at a high level and then bring it down to what does that mean locally. We have a couple of initiatives, so Healthy Communities is one. We have a couple of people that are spearheading that and they take updates on healthy community connections out to the municipalities as well. Myself and [Person X], who’s the Community Health Services Administrator and one of my business team, we meet with the regional hospital district quarterly as a minimum, typically more than that depending on what the issues and challenges are there, and we’re connecting also regularly with our MLAs in the region as well. So there’s lots of touch-points with local governments and beyond just depending on whether you’re sitting right in the centre of the site or whether you’ve kind of got a broader reach. The Healthy Communities Initiative is working in some of the communities have actually signed a partnership agreement, some of them are kind of getting to do that with the Health Authority. Looking at opportunities about how we can collaborate with municipalities to deliver programming and services that would be outside the realms of health services. So walking programs, access to dietary and food service planning, for example. It’s a plethora of things that communities are interested in and they work with the health authority in kind of what might it look like, and then how can we deliver it. Most of our communities have a seniors walking program now that would happen year round so they open up the rec places for it in the winter and they have other things going on in the summer months. So it’s that kind of thing. Smoking cessation, smoking management. All those kind of health-related types of programs that would inspire a community to be considered healthier.

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