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Local Government Works With Health Authority to Identify Actual Issues- First Step Towards Solutions!


Health Authority helps bring everyone together to identify overlap in work and identify needs with a societal scan.

I think the best and biggest thing we did was working with Fraser Health because they have the resources to do it. They undertook, out that wide societal scan as far as demographics, health outcomes, you know, educational levels, incomes, the whole swath of that from Fraser Health and, and from that, council, administration, health authority, stakeholders worry about the ascertain how best to change policy to address these actual issues as opposed to perceived issues that were just out there. As you know, you know, trying to work with facts is sometimes difficult, but at least we had a touchstone document there that identified these things and, from that, the $500,000 program, the committees, you know, and a lot of thought from a committee perspective went into that. There was consultation with the public. All sort of things went on, so we’re now, I’d say, not at the beginning, but we’re now entering the middle phase of that and that’s something that initial study based on studying where communities are and what they are and what they need. That’s the first step. So I would say communities should do that because without that, again, you’re chase, what you have are solutions looking for problems. – Speaker 1

We were duplicating things so then we weren’t efficient until Fraser Health brought everybody together say well you both are working on the same thing, but you’re working at different, you know, like, we need to get together so one of you is working that and you work on something else and, but just like he said, and then they truth came too, he said, well, that’s not really true what’s going on, so then, but I, we, we, we became way more transparent on our issues to deal with them than we used to be. – Speaker 2

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