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Local Physician Recruiter Builds Individual Relationships


Successful recruitment and long term retention acheived with a focus on creating a community interests between physicians, existing medical staff, and locals

Local Physician Recruiter Builds Individual Relationships

[Regarding their local physician recruiter] [It’s] Just me. I look after them [physicians] from the time that they have any initial interest, whether that’s a referral from Health Match BC or someone that I have met personally at an event – I start building that relationship then. And I continue it long after they’ve arrived here. And, in fact, the physicians who’ve been here for 20 years. I do site visits with people who are interested in coming and I invite all of our physicians to come, and most attend. With their spouses, with their children, whatever that might look like appropriate to who’s coming for the site visit. I also do that kind of thing a couple times a year just to get them all together. We’re blessed to have a place up Kootenay Lake so we throw a big [gathering] and it’s not me as a recruiter. It’s just kind of a thing. Right? Like a community thing. And the newspaper here in [Community X] is very supportive and they reach out to the community any time we have someone new coming, someone setting up a new clinic, people that we are working with. For example, through the PRA program, the physician ready assessment program, we let the community know someone was coming, that they were going to be here for their three year return of service, but also that we were interested in having them really become a part of the community and literally said in that article, the publisher who wrote that, for the community to embrace them. And they do. So that’s, I think, a real benefit.

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