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Making the Best out of Limited Resources through Collaboration and Common Goals


This community has a Local Health Committee made up of multiple stakeholders who all meet regularly to connect and work together to come up with local solutions with the resources that they have available to them.

Making the Best out of Limited Resources through Collaboration and Common Goals

I think the Health Services Select Committee is a good example of what other communities could do and I think we’re just getting started. We’re able to connect in one room – all the people that are making a difference in their community or trying to make a difference. It allows us, as municipal leaders, to hear from the [Physician X’s] of the world and [Health Admin’s], and [Municipality]…and we’re trying to draw Community X into the equation as well so that we’re not fighting to try and duplicate services but that we are aware of what services are available and we have to find ways to promote them…And that’s something that I think is so necessary. Otherwise, I mean, health services are not cheap. So we have to try and make the best of what we have with whoever we can work together with.

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