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#masks4all: Multiple Stakeholders Come Together to Prevent COVID-19 in Community


#masks4all collaboration between local physician, MSA and local non-profit group creates and delivers a mask program for COVID-19 prevention in Rossland.

In Kootenay Boundary, our MSA (KBPA Kootenay Boundary Physician Association, backed my QI project idea to develop the first municipal-MSA-and non profit (Rotary) partnership to make cloth masks for Covid-prevention in  Rossland.  We developed a municipal playbook, and a grassroots plan to make #masks4all Rossland. Our planning involved first, research into materials and virus transmission (what was known at the time in March-April was preliminary). Stakeholder building, and collaborative efforts for culture change were made.  Soon town businesses were allies for posters and the project. We solicited donations of money and materials through Rotary (as the non profit) and in 4 months Rossland has made over 2000 masks in our town of 3500, all free for distribution. Our program was profiled on the CBC.

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