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Micro Units Provide Residents, Locums and Short Term Vacancy Medical Staff a Place to Stay


Changes in development zone areas allow for innovative use of existing properties and micro housing to provide housing options for locums, residents, Registered Nurse coverage and more.

Micro Units Provide Residents

You may be able to convert them [long term care buildings] into affordable housing units that might be another option. That is one of the things we are looking at and we’ve changed our developing zoning here in the city and last night actually the Council meeting just approved the first mixed use apartment building that has micro units so the micro units will be 300 sq. ft. and it is half a block from the hospital. And the idea from the developer who is a young developer was he came and talked to me about my experience at the hospital and it was for a place where people coming up for locums could just have a place to crash, they’re not wanting to cook, or even for people filling short-term mat leaves or short-term vacancies or even part of the recruitment and retention for RN staff that may be living further away but if they’re doing 4 on, 4 off, to have a micro place to crash and just be able to walk next door and go to work.

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