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Midwife-led and Team Based Program Provides Wrap Around Care for Families


Expansive Maternal Child Health Program provides care to mothers and families from Midwives, registered nurses as well as Kwiyo:s. A truly team based approach, also integrating with the Health Centre and the family physicians.

Midwive Led and Team Based Program Provides Wrap Around Care for Families

One of the things I think that makes the Maternal Child Health Program at Seabird really unique and one of the reasons I so enjoy working in the program is that it’s a team-based care program where the clinical care is led by the midwives. We also have registered nurses on our team, we have Kwiyo:s which are – it translates to ‘Respected auntie’ who – you know, provides a really kind of expanded doula support, patient navigator support for clients of the Maternal Child Health Program. And Amelia touched on the integration of that or kind of the additional kind of community integrative functions of the program like the mom and baby group and sometimes the midwives will drop in to the community kitchen programs and, you know, we ran a traditional parenting weekend within the last month for members of the program and members of the community. And then there’s the integration of the Maternal Child Health Program within the broader Health Centre that is a team-based approach to wrap-around care where, as midwives, we work very closely with the family physicians – the two family physicians in the Health Centre. And then our programming also – and the services and the care we provide – integrates with the other services within the Health Centre. So for example, if we have a patient testing positive for gestational diabetes, we’ll go and connect that patient with one of the nurses but also with the Health Centre diabetes and nutrition team.

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