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Night Care for Seniors


Increased funding from the Ministry has allowed this community to implement night care for seniors in their own homes.

Our big impact is on the hospital [and] is mostly frail seniors that are waiting to go to long term care. We have 33 beds and, easily, we can have like 50% of those beds occupied by seniors that are waiting for care and we’ve got quite a few strategies in place to support [and] change that. We’ve been changing some of our process within the hospital in terms of patient flow. I’ve found that compared to elsewhere, I didn’t think that we had the right service, very under serviced. [We are un]able to create a pull from home health to bring people home because we don’t have the funding and the staff. We just don’t have the services at home and that’s unacceptable in 2019, that you cannot send people home because we just don’t have nurses and home support. So, there was a few cases that been built and we were able to bring about close to a million (dollars), for home health because we got some funding from the ministry to increase our support for palliative care. This is new, we are going to put some (into) night care. We’re going to have home support going during the night in people’s home. This is exceptional, you don’t see this. Usually, health authorities don’t provide night care.

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