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Northern Medical Program Introduce Medical Students to work with Truck Drivers


The University of Northern BC and the Northern Medical Program bring students to truck stops to assist in providing medical services to a hard-to-reach population group who are always on the go with their job.

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Another thing they [UNBC and the Northern Medical Program] do is they take the medical students out of the university setting and they’ll go to a truck stop for example at weigh scales. Now the truckers are all waiting and they set up a shop and say, ‘Come and get your blood pressure checked and we’ll check your sugar levels.’ And truckers are perhaps more than others less physically active. They’re in a sitting position and what do they eat? Junk food. And they have found that when they have that stop and truckers then – finally a trucker has time to get these things checked out because otherwise they don’t have time. They find a lot [where] they’ll recommend [that] they go to their doctor immediately. They have quite a number that say, ‘You need to see somebody soon; your blood pressure’s high. Your sugar levels are out of balance,’ and otherwise this isn’t happening. But that’s taking the students out [into] the field, providing a service. They’re learning at the same time [and] they’re treating a demographic of population that can use that kind of service. That’s beautiful for a university to do that…And they’re also putting those students in with physicians in our communities. We have one here [who] just served her time here. She spent two months in our community and I think, those are the things that bring people to our community. UNBC has been just absolutely the leader when it comes to stuff like that.

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