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Physicians Asking Community What They Want from Their Healthcare


Physicians sat with the community to find out what they need and what they want to feel supported in their own health care. They were not met with a list of demands, rather the community identified areas of improvement and wanted to work together with the physicians to help make it happen.

Community Championed Home Hospice Program

What’s happened with the centre here is that people took pride in the centre. And when you start getting a community-driven care where…they determine what they would like as their health care, I think that’s a really valuable thing that you can take to other communities. You know, you hear… ‘At the conference in Halifax, they were sort of saying, these communities, nobody’s got an entrance to them’…there could be a place for someone that comes in and generates that interest in the community to start saying…how do you sort of uplift a community? Because that’s happened here. People are very proud of what they’ve got, they don’t want to lose it, and it keeps growing. The palliative initiative that’s coming up, AP with the social work, the People for a Healthy Community, these are all community-driven projects…we sat with the community and said, ‘What do you guys need and how can we help you get it?’ So they don’t tell us how to work. Like we show up when we want and we see patients how we want. But sitting with the community and finding out what they need and what they want to feel supported in their own health care has been amazing for us, and I think other communities are afraid of those conversations for fear of being told, ‘Well, we want you to be open…’ whatever, ‘We want hours like this.’ Those are not actually the community conversations that happen. The community conversations are like, ‘We would like to improve palliative care. Can we work on that together?’ and then we did. ‘We would like to improve mental health services. Can we work on that together?’.

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