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Physicians Volunteer to Teach 4H Club Kids New Skills


Community doctors make large impact by volunteering with youth.

Physicians Volunteer to Teach 4H Club Kids New Skills

[In regards to healthcare successes] Well, I’m going to say if I just had my mayor’s hat on right now, we just had a presentation from the 4H Club in council looking for funding, and they told us that they were so pleased because two physicians volunteered their time to help teach the 4H kids how to do sutures and what a success and what it meant to the program. And so if I was to pretend that it wasn’t personally connected to half the physicians in town, I think the real success of small-town health is they’re in the community. They volunteer, they’re community leaders, they’re no different than us. They take on a lion’s share of work and they make a big impact and I think that’s the coolest part.

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