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Safety Fire Plans Set In Place for Potential Summer Fires


Local team creates multiple evacuation plans in preparation for seasonal fires and shares them with their surrounding communities.

[Regarding what keeps you up at night] The transportation issue. And to be honest, currently, fires. Coming into the summer and we were all told we had a Code Green evacuation plan and we spent a month and a half collaborating with Search and Rescue and the fire crews in the surrounding area and well anybody else that would listen, basically, coming up with a plan how do we get these people out if it’s dire and where do we go and what is the plan. Cause there was nothing really solidified so we did a lot of work and I feel like our plan is really good and we’ve been sharing it with the surrounding areas so we’re going to start doing some drills here, but that keeps me up at night because I don’t live in [Community X]. I live in [Community Y], so I’m one of the first contacts that would be called should this happen and what if the road is blocked off? What would happen if I can’t even get up there for some reason? So we have Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, we really thought it out. To the point where, believe it or not, Plan D being they would divert the Ferry up to [Community X] up to get people out as worst case scenario…That’s what we’ve done, we’ve shared it with surrounding communities

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