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Taking Time to Make Connections and Improve Patient Care


A community member shares the successes of making time to meet in person with local community members in their various roles and to work at building these relationships.

Community Paramedicine Program

[In reference to what works well] In my perspective, it’s knowing the players. When I first started here three and a half years ago I went and had coffee with everybody I could get my hands on. So I met with mental health and the clinicians there and found out what [their] requirements [are], rather than playing this back and forth paperwork I actually could sit down with [them] because there’s only one. ‘What are your, what’s your job? What’s your job title? What are the forms I need? What are you accepting? What are you not accepting? Where are your referrals coming from?’ those kinds of things. So I did that with palliative care, I did that with public health [and] I did that with the councilor at the school. I was able to do that because we are small. And because I was doing youth clinic I needed to know: who am I going to send these kids [to]? What are my resources? What’s the best place to go rather than the back and forth? There is still change over and I still have to keep that up. So [when] there is a new clinician coming [to town], I make an appointment and if I don’t have time now for coffee, I make it a point to just phone and check in, ask the same questions, [and] make those connections.

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