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Team Based Care Using Technology to Increase Patient Access


Two people have come together to provide team based care in a way that allows for increased service access for isolated patients.

Team Based Care Using Technology to Increase Patient Access

It’s good care. It’s personalized care because somebody can send a photo of their rash to [Nurse X] in the morning and the next morning she gets back to them, ‘Either try this or try that, go and see somebody for this or – you know.’ And people feel like they’re cared for. People feel like there’s somebody to listen rather than, ‘Oh, I have to drive to Williams Lake or I have to see whoever comes to the community next time around. There’s somebody I can reach out to now.’ And what we consider to be an emergency is very different from what the patients consider to be an emergency and I think from their point of view [they think] ‘it’s great to feel like there’s somebody who listens or somebody on the other side when I’m having my crisis – my baby’s not eating for two days’ etc. When it’s not really a crisis but [the patient] would [consider it to be a crisis] I think it’s great. I’ve got nothing like that at all [to connect with patients]. I don’t do Facebook, I don’t – you know. You’ve got an appointment at 10:00, be there at 10:00 or else. So, you know, [Nurse X] is the other side now [of support]. We make a good team.

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