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Unique Patient Discharge Procedure Increases Productivity and Family Satisfaction


Difficult times leads community to create a unique patient discharge procedure, including bringing together families for dischage planning.

Unique Patient Discharge Procedure Increases Productivity and Family Satisfaction

I think the other thing that works well here, and not as well anywhere else including EKRH, is – and because you’ve had to – is developing that process for problem-solving discharges or access and flow stuff. So I was here in the fall when things got really bad, in fact at that point we were looking around to find where we could open more ALC beds because we were looking at, how can we get acute patients out of the hospital sooner so we could make more room for ALCs and then we sort of thought, wait a minute. That’s kind of the wrong way to be looking at this…But I think that because of that, [Person X] has a really good handle on all of those patients. We could meet together, escalate our meetings, our discharge planning, come up with access and flow stuff. And [Person X’s] very good as well at, you know, the families, bringing everybody else together and making those plans. So I think that process is more finely defined here because you guys have been in trouble before.

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