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Virtual Palliative Care Rounds Provide Exellent Feedback and Support


By hosting virtual palliative care rounds physicians, Community Paramedics, and the medical treatment team are able to refer clients as needed and discuss patient care in an effective manner.

Virtual Palliative Care Rounds Provide Exellent Feedback and Support

[Regarding the Palliative Rounds Program] It’s through teleconference, and then we can see what they’re presenting right on the computer. That’s a really good program. So, that is another really big thing that we do. I do know that, from myself working at other rural sites, particularly with the inpatients – they did this at Clearwater and Lillooet. They didn’t have that here [previously so] we’ve just kind of developed that and it’s growing into something I hope really good. [Community paramedic] is another really important piece to that puzzle in these meetings because he has, probably, I’m going to say 28 or 30 clients in the community, including palliative. Who can we refer to community paramedic? Or who can they refer to us that need to go on this palliative – and for the palliative program, like the rounds on Wednesday morning –they don’t have to be on a palliative program. All they need to be having is experiencing symptom burden. So, if they’re experiencing symptom burden, we do up an SBAR, we fill it out and fax it over, and Kamloops – and they talk about it. Okay, this is their symptom and their ESAT score and what can we do? What is the best medication for this anxiety with this type of cancer with meds? And this – other things going on, and so the palliative physician group really gives, just, really good feedback.

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