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Mental Health Support Through Telehealth

Mental Health Support Through Telehealth

It is rare for a community to say that they have fantastic mental health supports, but one community reports that they have many stepping stones in place, and that they utilize Telehealth in their efforts to battle mental health and it is proving to work well for them.

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HART Team is the Biggest Impact for Emergency Transportation

HART Team is the Biggest Impact for Emergency Transportation

The High Acuity Response Team (HART) program was designed to focus on the inter-facility transport of highly acute patients by staffing one HART member, 24/7, at the regional referral centres across [Health Authority X]. HART members are typically Registered Nurses (RNs) who have specialized training and dedicated equipment that allow them to provide expert care to patients while travelling to or from rural and remote facilities across [Health Authority X]. This program was implemented so that when a patient who requires a higher level of care during transport, the community is not left without a physician or nurse.

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Education Pathways to Battle Low RN Numbers

Education Pathways to Battle Low RN Numbers

Registered Nurse (RN) numbers are low, so this community has developed education lines to tackle that. A nurse can take a rural emerge course through University of Northern BC (UNBC) and are guaranteed to stay in Bella Coola. Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) pays for it, but the nurses must commit to a 1 year return of service in the community.

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