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Rural Site Visits

The goals of the Rural Site Visits project are to:

  • Build direct relationships with rural communities
  • Help connect the rural grassroots community to the health policy makers by listening, understanding, and amplifying the rural voice
  • Use the feedback from communities to better inform health policy and program development for rural physicians and their teams

What We Do:

The Rural Site Visits project – funded by the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC) through the RCCbc – seeks to connect with all 204 RSA (Rural Subsidiary Agreement) communities between 2017 and 2023. The purpose is to hear directly from community members about their thoughts surrounding health care delivered in BC.

A team of rural physicians and RCCbc staff meet with community:

  • Health providers
  • Health administrators
  • First Nations bands
  • Local leadership, community health organizations
  • First responders
  • Educators

We also host a public discussion about the community’s innovations, and challenges with regards to local health care services.

# of RSA Communities Visited

# Partner Group Meetings

Top 10 Themes:

  1. Support (Workplace Support, Collaboration and Connection, Community Support)
  2. Transportation (Local, Emergency, PTN, Weather, Alberta Proximity, Distance)
  3. Population (Recruitment, Retention, Growth, Decline, Relocation, Tourism)
  4. Successful Initiatives
  5. Rural Scope of Practice and Workload
  6. Health Authorities
  7. Finance (Funding, Pay, Billing)
  8. Services In Need and At Risk
  9. Patient Capacity and Attachment
  10. Proposed and Potential Solutions

*as of July 30, 2020

What to expect when we visit your community

Before a visit:
A RCCbc Administrative Lead or Site Visitor will reach out to you by phone or email to invite you to participate in the project and ask for your help in spreading the word with your colleagues and community. We set up meeting times and send out a copy of the open-ended meeting guide in advance for your reference.

During a visit:
We meet with each health partner group individually. We ask for your consent to participate and record the meeting, before listening to your feedback on healthcare in your community for approximately one hour.

After a visit:
We follow up with resources and connections to support you. We also circulate a copy of the meeting notes to you for revision and approval before inputting the information into our anonymized and aggregated database. You will receive bi-annual Community Feedback Reports to keep you updated on the major themes and healthcare innovations across the province.

As our ongoing commitment to rural communities, we can connect you to funding opportunities, event invitations, sharing of relevant rural health care initiatives and more.

“We have been working in silos for so long…collaborative voice can be much more powerful [when] trying to get the resources your need”

– Participant  

“Thank you for the opportunity to voice some concerns, but also to hear some feedback and get a little bit of bounce back of what’s happening in other places”

– Participant  

“I think this has been very informative.  Just getting to know what you guys do…and supports and establishing connections and always learning about all of these connections that exist that I haven’t tapped into, personally, so it’s great.”

– Participant  



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